Mellow Bath + Body, maker and creator


The Maker of Mellow 

It all started it out with a deep desire to create something meaningful. Like many, I graduated from University and dabbled in the corporate world for years, perpetually building towards an undefined career goal. My work life was successful and it paid the bills, but still -- the implicit need to do more and realize more, motivated me to explore and find ways to make my daily life better. This passion for health and quality living led me to research what it meant to lead a safe, non-toxic, and all natural lifestyle. There were many products out there all claiming to be organic, vegan and all natural but the options were endless and even more overwhelming.

That’s when I realized this green journey was more than just a hobby. This was an opportunity to build my own green beauty lifestyle from the ground up, to share my love for handmade creations with others, and to finally pursue a genuine path.

That's how Mellow Bath and Body was born.


My mission is to inspire others with the simple concept of healthier living. 


Every Mellow Bath and Body product recipe begins with the same question: How can your day be a little brighter, more uplifting, more invigorating?

Mellow Bath and Body soaps, scrubs and soaks are all envisioned and carefully crafted with you in mind; the busy body rushing to the train in the morning, the endless dreamer in that two by two cubicle, or that busy parent looking for a heavenly piece of me time.

From it's conception to final product, each creation is prepared and packaged by hand at the Mellow Bath and Body headquarters, north of Toronto.

Whether you are looking to nourish, cleanse, or exfoliate your skin, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect way to make your daily routine just a little better than the last.

Hope you enjoy!




Maker and Founder of Mellow Bath + Body